Peeking My Head Out

   If you hadn't noticed, I've not posted here in a year.  To catch you up to speed on everything that has happened in that time would take about 100 posts so I will try to sum it up with substantially fewer words.  I apologize in advance for vagueness or overgeneralization but I think that may be the only way. ;)

    Today I heard the line from Laura Story's song titled Blessings, that went like this, "What if the trials of this lifetime are your mercies in disguise?"  I've probably heard that song thousands of time on the radio as I drive the kids to and fro.  But today as I went along and heard the words, tears just fell.  I'm not sure how to describe the emotion behind those tears other than the moment that you see how SO many experiences of pain, loss, pressing in, disappointment, betrayal, crisis, hoping, praying, leaping again, and praising work together to bring you right where you are and you see- it is good.

    As I say I would never want to relive my last year, I can honestly say I am grateful for it.  With 13 surgeries, all but one out of state and two emergency, we were treading water.  I lost count on how many times we drove to St. Louis and back. Every time rest felt like it might find us, trauma from the past surfaced as this or that child processed insecurities of being away from home or away from a parent.  In order to be the best parent we knew to be, we stripped away the things that took away and some of those things involved blogging and social media.  Writing is therapeutic for me but even writing during that season felt draining.
Lucia LOVING the countryside

    Lucia had surgeries on her entire spine and hip.  Cephas had his legs amputated and a deep wound on his tail bone that didn't want to heal that required surgery.  Jubilee broke her leg and while casted the weight of the cast caused her leg to roll out no matter how hard we tried to keep it straight.  So while she healed it left another challenge.  And in the meantime, her scooting days had to be removed because the weight on her leg continued to hyper extend it.  (The cause of the break.) We were finally able to find her a stander that would provide the support overall she needs since she has a lot less upper body strength and flexibility than Cephas does. She was able to use a demo for a few months with the hopes we could get things worked out with insurance to get her the stander but we weren't able to and so she isn't weight bearing now. That's fairly frustrating in that we have seen changes in her body in the short time it's been missing from her daily schedule.  Please continue to pray this can get worked out shortly because it isn't just helpful, it's necessary for her to be weight bearing.

    We had three on bed rest for about 10 weeks from December through January atleast.  We were able to have some in home nurse visits to avoid constant trips to the wound care clinic.  But come January we had to put off Jubilee's leg surgery so that all was healed up.  We hope to have it done before the year is over but the good news is  - we have not had ONE surgery in 2015! PRAISE GOD!  Our family needed the mental and emotional break of hospital travel.

    God met us every day.  His mercies so sweet in the form of friendships, strangers, our Grace Haven mom's retreats -grace that made hard times feel light.  I wouldn't have gone into the quiet prayer place if I hadn't been pulled to the extent I was.  God knows what we need.  I was so hungry and thirsty to hear Him and to silence the world around me.  
Fellowship at our retreat

    With spring brought the rain here in Arkansas, it also caused a blooming in our children too.  Becoming mobile and enjoying the outside again, the sweet vitamin D of sun seemed to rejuvenate as we gave thanks.  A new appreciation for sitting on the rocking chairs on the porch looking at our flowers, naming the birds, reading books, singing and laughing ushered a greater joy and that joy brought desires in the kids to unite like they hadn't before.  To no longer vie for attention but to relish in playing together. We built a turtle sanctuary in our backyard. Prepped and planted the garden together. Welcomed a precious visit from our friend Alla of Bible Orphan Ministries from Ukraine. Potted flowers all over! We participated in a week at Vacation Bible Farm. Adopted a new kitten named Elvis. Made our own tetherball set up. Enjoyed a lovely visit from our cousins.  Learned to bake cinnamon apple rolls. Simple things of life!
Excited about our new turtle sanctuary
BLESSED to have Alla come from Ukraine!
Tina's family vacation time

   We've taken the deep breaths and smiling again with lots of new lessons learned.  For months it can just seem the same like a new day isn't dawning but because our God is FAITHFUL, he helped us to be faithful when we didn't even know how to be.
Sisters in Christ who LIFT!

   I really want to thank many of you who reached out to us and prayed with us.  There were days I came to my inbox and shed tears of gratitude for encouraging words and scripture prayed over our family.  Truly, to be on the receiving end of those words when you are pressing in like never before, is immeasurable in value.  We praise God for you.

   I'm feeling the momentum of the new season to return to writing and sharing!
Super excited to share the latest praise in my next post!

 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19




Amanda Shumaker said…
How much is the stander for Jubilee without insurance?
Tina Kacirek said…
Amanda, we are led to believe there may still be a way through our insurance. ♡
:)De said…
I have the same question... how much is the stander?
Yes. How much is the stander? If insurance will not pay, let us all donate.
Kameron Meyer said…
Tina- You do not know me, but I came across your blog a few weeks ago as we began our own adoption journey. I was so glad to see a recent post! Your words and the story of your family's faithfulness to God's calling have already inspired us. Thank you for sharing! If you have a free moment, we'd love for you to see how God is unfolding our own adoption story at

God bless you and your precious family!!

-Kameron Meyer
Jolene said…
I was just wondering about you the other day. I pray that you receive refreshing throughout this next season of life for your family!
Paris said…
Tina I am so amazed at how you can keep up. The children are so blessed to have you and Randy. It's an honor and privilege to know you. I'm truly blessed every time I read the words from your page.
I understand what you mean by writing is therapeutic for you I really get this!
Praying for you all hoping all is well. God bless you all.

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