Thursday, September 4, 2014

Say WHAT?!

Just a little double take happened for me today.  I happened upon this photo

shortly after our bible lesson this morning.  I was teaching on where power comes from and our bible verse was from Zechariah 4:6. "Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord Almighty." 

Lucia felt confident and wanted to recite it herself.  Seeing her brought chills to me- watching her, listening to her voice speak such truth.  There was power radiating so I went ahead and videotaped her and put on Facebook.  I told her that I knew that she would bless someone by hearing her share the verse and so she said I could put it on.

Then I saw this photo.

She came home in May of last year.  Just a tiny one at 16.

No schooling.   Every breath painful and labored.

We didn't know what tomorrow looked like....and now it's been about 420 tomorrows later!!  Just astounds me! 

And this is what my girl is doing this afternoon

She has gone from 48 pounds to 80 pounds and I can no longer carry her as I once did so easily.  She wore size 7/8 and now wears 14/16!  She has stretched out considerably since having her spinal fusion in January and while she isn't eager for another surgery, we are all anxious for her hip surgery in November that will eventually lead her to sitting up without pain.

I wish so much that I could come here more often to update all of you on her progress because there is just SO much to smile and give thanks for.  Thank you again to so many who have invested prayers into her life. She is taking the gifts God has given to her and is sharing them with those who meet her.

Hope is a beautiful thing.  And when it meets opportunity, it's pretty amazing to watch unfold.