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It's All Worth It

    I have avoided coming to update until I have time to update.  Tick, tick, tick.....
And so I decided that if I can't give a complete update it's better to just give what I can, the little pieces of my heart that I can, and am supposed to share. 

    I am finding grace everywhere abundantly supplied.  We were sent here from heaven you know, to do heavenly things in this broken down world and so we need these heavenly gifts to do it.  I'm finding more grace, along with all of the eternal gifts of the spirit to do this kind of kingdom work in this temporal land of wasting things by the use of my faith vision.

    We are climbing mountains over here in our wheelchairs and Lucia and Cephas just may be leading the charge.  Last year was just plain hard I tell ya.  If I thought there was nothing more than this world itself I may have just dug a hole and called it done, but I think we may have needed that year to see with joyful tears that all that we have is HIS and HE will do w…

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