First Easter Fun

We are getting ready for Cephas to have surgery in the morning so I wanted to take the time to put up some sweet photos from yesterday.  It was a beautiful day in Arkansas.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Perfect breeze.  As Cephas said, it was the perfect day.

We don't do baskets, but we love the whole egg hunt experience and everyone participated.

Cephas was SPEEDY!

Lucia said this was a special day she would never forget.  

Grace was a FIERCE competitor!

Liam raised the bar for the egg hider requiring some tree climbing!

Rainan acted as encourager and helped Lucia and Jubilee score a few finds.

Cephas retelling just how amazing the whole hunt went and his score of nine eggs!

Holden caught off guard while explaining the most current airline industry news with Grandma.  This was his first year not participating in the find part of the hunt.  He has grown up so fast!

Rainan's face made me laugh!  

    Just quick thought to share....something I noticed and want to remember to take note of.  We were at the store and I had Rainan and Liam with me to pick up some fun festive things for Easter.  It's difficult to spend money on trivial things at Easter but we do want the kids to have fun memories.  Once upon a time we did big baskets with treats and candies but we have moved away towards activities and to choosing one candy treat per child. 

    At the store,  I found myself observing Rainan and Liam looking at each of the chocolate bunnies and candy options and discussing what each child at home might like.  They picked out their own too.  Something was missing that I used to remember vividly.  They took pleasure in thinking of what their sibling would enjoy.  They contemplated what they would like to choose for themselves without begging me for everything.  I hadn't even had "the talk" with them.  

   Right there in the store, I felt myself getting teary eyed.  We made our purchases and their hearts were filled.  They didn't feel slighted!  I know this might not seem like a big deal but for me it was huge.  We have turned a corner from feeling entitled, to feeling thankful.  They know that Jesus rose from the dead.  If you ask them about Easter, they can tell you what that means!  

    No condemnation on baskets and candies and bunny's.  We love fun stuff too.  But we have wanted to be mindful that we cannot press into faith while also indulging.  The other day reminded me that we can have both deep love, appreciate what we are given and feel satisfied.  

    They won't remember a specific candy on Easter, but they will remember feeling the "perfect day." the morning....Cephas has his legs amputated at the knees.  We head to sleep now, knowing 24 hours from now will be a new journey started.  Thank you to those who have continued to keep him in your prayers.  He's such a little love.  I cannot imagine life without this guy.  So very blessed!


Nicole said…
Praying for Cephas.... thank you for your sweet idea about Easter treats...I don't know what our family traditions should be yet. but I know that the American tradition of always buying something for every holiday is materialistic...and I want to do something else...while also making sure the children aren't slighted..anyhow, thank you for sharing about this... and praying for sweet Cephas.. God bless.
Inger said…
God hem Cephas in - behind and Before; God have laid His hand upon Cephas....

I pray this Psalm 139 over Cephas, And I know you are all in His hands. Blessings!

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