First Update Since Surgery

We are so excited that Lucia came through surgery so beautifully with no trach and she was extubated quickly.  She also showed off by spending less than a day in the PICU.  Her first night on floor she got some great sleep and we thought she was cruising for some sort of record.  Perhaps she remembered how things went with Cephas back in September.

Come Saturday morning she began to struggle with nausea and getting her pain under control.  Nothing unexpected or out of the norms for all she has just gone through, but my normally positive girl was struggling to see the good in what had just been done.

Dr. Luhmann explained that he was able to get a 50% correction due to her age, inflexibility of her bones and the softness of them.  But as far as we are concerned, she looks like she got much more than 50%. 

This morning began day three of recovery and it wasn't looking so good.  I was beginning to feel the lack of sleep and that helpless feeling of not only being unable to take her pain away but to know I was causing discomfort each time I tried.   I surprised myself when the nurse practioner came in and asked how I was doing. Tears fell like I turned on the faucet.  The kind of cry you didn't know was coming, and you aren't really so much sad as you are tired.  I recovered quickly.  I totally know its okay for me to cry, but I just didn't want to make time for it right then when we had important things to talk about.

Ortho came in to change her dressing and I was able to see the incision for the first time.  (Lucia says I can share it with you because its "not scary." (She is brave!) It's simply amazing to see how straight she looks. 
She let out some screams and yelled "no" at the therapist coming to work on breathing.  After they left I reminded her of the many talks we had about the after surgery days.  She asked me if they made me sit up and stand after my neck surgery and I told her the details.  She asked me if I liked it.  I told her that I hated it very much but I knew they were wanting me to get better.  I told her that when I made the decision that I wanted to work through the pain, for some reason the pain didn't seem as bad anymore.  With that, she looked at me and said, "Today is work day."  (She seemed to appreciate I went through my accident and recovery at 16 too.  She said, "I am like you.")

Soon the therapists came in with a wheelchair to take her to get xrays.  Her FIRST time sitting in a chair without hanging off the sides.  She looked at me with some determination in her eyes and I couldn't have been more proud watching her press into the pain.  She told the therapists thank you.  That's my girl!  Thankfulness DOES so much to help pain.  It just DOES.

Enjoying her grape popsicle with a movie.

She told me I didn't have to go with her into x-ray and when she came back they all said she was in good spirits and talking about her brothers and sisters waiting for her at home.  She has STAYED in the chair and is now eating a popsicle and watching the movie Enchanted.  She looked over a bit ago and asked for a pickle - her very favorite snack.  She got one down and its stayed so keep those prayers going!!

I keep thinking back on Peter getting out of the boat and walking on water.  DON'T LOOK DOWN!  Thankfulness keeps our eyes looking up today and the many days of hard work for her ahead.  Special thanks to those who have sent pictures and messages.  I want to get back to each one of you and its my hope to do that.  Each of you bless us in your encouragement and prayer.

Thank you God for all that you have brought my girl through.  Thank you for answering our prayers and helping us take the next step when it seems difficult to do.  Thank you for your provisions of loving mercy and reminders that your grace is all we need.  Glory!  Amen


Anonymous said…
all the best ! That scar is impressive !
Bon courage !
Way to go, Lucia! You look amazing! You have touched my heart with your beautiful smile, your courage and determination. I pray that your pain will be minimal as you recover. You look fantastic sitting in your wheelchair!
What a strong, and beautiful, young lady. She is just like you!
rosedel said…
Lucia, you are doing a great job! Eat and drink and everyday you will get stronger!
Anonymous said…
Amazing, Lucia, way to go!

I was wondering if there is a possibility to send a little something to her ;-)
Amy said…
Lucia's back looks so much straighter. What a brave girl she is! I have been praying for her pain and nausea.
Sandryte said…
Lucia, you are amazing, you will soon recover and all these painful days will be far far away! And we will not stop praying to speed that process! Sending love for all your family from Lithuania, Europe!
What an amazing spirit. Keep healing Lucia... you are doing awesome. Continued prayers to heal quickly and the pain to go away.
Donna said…
Praying for you to heal fast. What an inspiration you are!
Sheri Watson said…
Your family has been on my mind lately. Now I know why! Praying for a quick recovery! Your brave beautiful girl has worlds to conquer!
Lucia looks absolutely beautiful and so straight! What an amazing girl--and she has an amazing mama!! I'm continuing to pray for her, and all of you...
loridave said…
Wow! Lucia looks wonderful! She is such a brave, brave girl! I wish her a very speedy recovery.
katiemacgregor said…
wow lucia, you are such a star!! i have been praying for you from sydney, australia. get mama to show you on a map where that's a long way from you! it's summer here right now - over 100 degrees every day! you are so brave, & you inspire me to adopt your attitude of courage, grace, faith & determination. love you, lucia! katie x

Fatcat said…
Praying the pain gets less every day brave girl!
mex said…
Wishing you strength in the days ahead. You are an amazing young lady.

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