SO Many Firsts!

Oh my so when it rains it pours!

Our computer went down....actually two of them and so I have continued clicking the camera and recording our life changes but unable to share them all!  We are BACK!

Both Cephas and Lucia continue to grow and learn and make strides.  We still haven't been able to address the medical issues except to schedule appointments with the specialsts but it won't be until August.  I know.  That's a LONG way out.  But when the nurse coordinator began listing off all that we need to do and all of the doctors they need to see it was apparent that getting all of those doctor appointments within a short span of time would require scheduling out a bit further when they weren't all filled up already.  So with knowing that, it has allowed us to plan a bit better for our June and July and just breathe here at home. 

They are both doing so welll.  We are checking off accomplishments and they are feeling so good about themselves!!  We finally have down put in simple puzzle pieces.  It's not a matter of smarts but about what was missing those years long ago.  Not having the hand eye coordination developed....not being able to focus on and manipulate objects.....visual planning, problem solving.... all of it.  And the more they do it the better they are getting at it!
And look at who is showing off here!!  Lucia is showing lots of drive and super motivated to push herself to do things.  She is eating more and being strengthened and one day I looked over to see that she had grabbed on to the edge of the special red chair I got for her and pulled herself up to this position!  She looked at everyone with a beaming grin and we all clapped.  She can stay up for a short time but she is doing it ALL on her own. 

Cephas is slowly building up his ability to stay focused on a task and so he is building Lego's now. 

After lunch I place Lucia in her bed to rest her back and the girls go in and read to her and show her pictures and name them in English.  It makes them feel helpful (and it truly is) and I am able to get some cleaning up in the kitchen done! 

Cephas is really taking to the swing.  Again another thing he is no longer afraid of.  He now asks for it and I see its becoming a relaxer for him.  He likes to just swing and look around at the flowers and the trees.  I LOVE seeing him content and peaceful!  Here he is with my dear friend's son who came to visit us.  This little one just turned three if it can help give you a gauge as to Cephas' size.
Another really cool thing is Lucia not only got her very first popsicle but she was able to feed herself!!  Can we hear a big celebratory YAY?!  Again, she is using her hands and arms much more than she could before.  Look at that pure delight.
He had these stacked correctly in no time!!  And today he made great strides in remembering his colors in English....catching up to Lucia on that. 
Look who got her very own FIRST brand new doll!!  I had no idea how exciting this was going to be for her.  Sometimes she will call for me to go get her doll to be with her.  I love it!!
Don't they just look so amazing?  The restful peace that has washed over them has done something to ME!  They absolutely invigorate me and yes I am more passionate about adoption than ever before.  Oh how I pray others will go adopt the older ones and those who have been sentenced to lives in beds with out medical care or education or families. 
Here he was practicing going in and out of an inflatable tent.  Simple pleasures of peek a boo.
Oh and remember that terrified face at bath's all fun now!!


Oh the trampoline is simply delightful!
On our way for Cephas FIRST EVER restaurant experience!!!  I decided we would only take half of us for the first time so I could focus on him.  Holden chose Village Inn.
Appropriate right?  All American burger and fries!  And he was all smiles the whole way through!
Love multiplies.


Christie Minich said…
Such great news!
I remember when Erika first came home, (Erika has arthrogryposis) We needed to get her in to see an orthopedist. It took 5 months. I the between time,
she fell and I couldn't tell if her arm was broken or not because she couldn't bend it. So off we went to urgent care.
The doctor came in after looking at the x ray and said, "you do plan to see an orthopedist, right?" I couldn't help but laugh. He had never heard of her condition, seen her condition, and had no idea what to do about her condition! :)
Kat said…
We are celebrating with you! Right now we are in Eastern Europe in process of bringing home our almost ten year old. Your posts make me smile. God's beautiful healing....awesome!
Carrie said…
SMILES! it is awesome seeing the change in them just in the little time you have had them home. I admint i check the blog daily for any updates but realize you are one busy family and don't have time to sit and type. But when you do - it's wonderful to read up on them.
When I grow up I want to smile as much, try as hard, persevere as long, look at life like, share the love of Jesus just like these two precious children.
Laura Brumback said…
I just love Lucia! Her simple faith that you would return for her made me cry. Her brilliant smile - at home - brings tears for a different reason. I just want to hug her!
nicole said…
may god bless you ..its pics like this that show people what adoption really means for these and faith..
Inger said…
Just wanted to say hello. I'm following your blog and I love it and I cry.
Blessings from Inger in Finland.
katiemacgregor said…
Oh I love them! They are something special, that's for sure. They are HOME, with their FAMILY, & the looks on their beautiful faces tell me they KNOW that. They are right where they belong :)

Much love to you from Australia,
Katie x

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