What a glorious day!  Filled with SO MUCH FUN!  Another day to discover!
We were getting ready for Maxim and Grace's ball game and Maxim thought it would be nice to give Cephas his Dodgers hat.  Suits him well I think.
Liam fed Lucia breakfast and had some bonding time.
Took some time after a nice bath to get some fresh photos on the porch.
Randy stayed home with two and I took the rest of the kids to the game - even Cephas.  Generally we cocoon for atleast two weeks but he was overcoming much quickly and I knew we could head back to the van if need be.  He really did so well again!!
The Red Sox convening to discuss their game plan against the Rangers.

After all, the Ranger had just recruited Miss Polina Skaggs recently from Russia and this one knows how to score!!
But today there would be a new hitter to shake up the Rangers with - introducing Cephalynky! He is small but MIGHTY!!! And wouldn't you know it?  He made a HOME RUN!!  WOO HOO!
  By the looks of things this game is going WELL!
And then Maxim steps up for a solid  hit.  Looks like the VICTORY was had by all!!
And with a cheerleader THIS cute, how could we lose? 
Now it was time to go home and celebrate!
Special thanks to Holden and Liam for capturing the days events on camera!


Christie Minich said…
Wow.... baseball already!!!
You are brave! :) Looks like they had fun!
LT511 said…
The pure joy that radiates from their smiles is AMAZING! What incredible blessings all around for everyone. You have been blessed with courage & strength as your children have too. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is very inspiring.
Jo's Corner said…
Beautiful photos, Holden and Liam! Seriously, whoever took the photos of Rainan at the fence and Grace cheering did an awesome job! Things are looking happy in your part of the country! Wish I was there to cheer at the games!! Hugs ~ Jo
Sabrina said…
I just got caught up on all the updates. Beautiful, just beautiful. You all look so happy to be home together. Congratulations on your newest blessings. Precious indeed.

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