Beautiful Hope

I've been praying for that small possibility that we would receive photos of Maxim to give us ANY idea of how he has been dealing with life in the mental institution. On Sunday morning right as we got settled in the van for the long drive to church, I heard the ding on my phone letting me know a message had come. I had no idea the delight I was to experience! These are some of the photos I received!

The mark on his face was not there before so I am not sure what it is or what caused it. I recognize these pants and socks from the photo I received of him two years ago. To see him walking holding onto someone....WOW! My heart just keeps leaping!

I want to encourage intercession for these children! When I had to leave him in 2006 and had no idea if I would see him again I began praying a prayer that was lit with fire by God. I never stopped.

Just this morning I received news from Ukraine that our documents WERE submitted and no more paper troubles. SO thankful not to go back to our social worker or to the secretary of state's office. Now we wait for that appointment date. We were told it could be a couple of weeks before we receive notice and then a couple of weeks after that to be in Kiev.

We have about $6,300 to raise. I have now made our blog private as we begin sharing more intimate details. We've chosen privacy so that we can be candid about what we are experiencing in Ukraine.

With love to each of you, Tina


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