Lucia speaks!

 So many of you have asked how Lucia is doing so I thought I would take a little video and have her tell you herself!

Lucia speaking about how she is doing

If you couldn't make out what she said, she was letting you know she is doing great and working hard to sit up in her wheelchair for longer periods of time each day.  :)

She is very ready to be out of her brace.  The days are long in the brace.  She is keeping a good attitude as you can see but I know she longs to move on to other things.

Just some tidbits of information for those who might be curious:

- Typically when children or adults undergo a surgery of this magnitude they can begin a more rigorous schedule with therapy.  Because of malnourishment and being non-weight bearing for many years, her bones are very soft.  Her therapists are only able to work on helping her stretch her neck, move her arms and stretch her feet.  They want to be sure that her bones attach well to the hardware.
Lucia with her physical therapist, Tonya (WE LOVE HER!)
-She is in her brace except for tiny breaks from time to time.  Even when she bathes she is in a special brace made for bathing.  This means that snuggling together is pretty impossible.  Her greatest yearning right now is to snuggle with mom on the couch.  That's top priority when she becomes brace free!

-Lucia cannot come higher than a 30 degree angle until her brace comes off May 10th.  She has some fairly grandiose ideas of what that day holds.  While we are excited for all the future holds for her and have great expectations, we know May 10th begins a new journey of learning to sit up straight and holding her head up for extended periods of time.  Pray for peace and grace as she waits.

- She is scheduled for an appointment with orthopedics July 3rd to address her hips.  They are out of socket and on one side has no socket.  Pray we have wisdom in making decisions on how to help her be able to sit straight and onto her hips comfortably.

-Lucia has dreams to walk.  It's her hope to stand up.  The doctors don't think that is likely but haven't really told her that.  We know our God is a God of miracles - nothing is impossible with him.  Pray we are ever strengthened in faith and that Lucia will trust God, seeing him as good in everyway no matter what the future holds.

-We are so eager for beautiful weather outside.  Last week we had an extra nice day and she spent most of the afternoon on the covered front porch.  I thought I heard her so I went to the window to listen and she was singing!  She spent a good deal of time belting her heart out.  These are the simple pleasures that bring such joy to her and those who watch her.  

Thank you so much for praying for her! 


Melissa Benham said…
So wonderful to hear sweet, sweet Lucia's voice! :) Glad she is doing well. Praying for her as her journey continues.

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