Cephas's Awesome Video's

 Next week we travel to St. Louis for his pre-op appointment with anesthesiology and his last visit with the doctor before the big surgery.  He understands his legs are coming off.  I'm not sure he can fully grasp what that will be like but I don't think any of us could completely prepare for a double amputation.

I decided to take some video for our own recording and memories and wanted to share with you all too.

Cephas crawling and going upstairs

Cephas going downstairs

It's sort of hard not to notice how sweet he is!  God has been so good to build up trust in his little heart and to give him such a joy for life. 


Joy in Belgium said…
His English is great!! Your family is beautiful Thank you for sharing, it lifts my spirits.
S and P said…
He is so cute!! I loved the videos and loved hearing him talk! Makes it that much more real.

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