Cephas's "First" Haircut FUN post

        I just never get over the "firsts."  They are my absolute favorite, especially when they are enjoyed SO much.  Cephas was becoming concerned over his growing hair and didn't want to look "crazy" for Christmas coming up.  (I know it's a month away but he has been coloring Christmas pictures for the "old people" at the nursing home for a week now.  He wouldn't leave the table this afternoon because he had "SO many pictures to make.")

       So tonight Randy surprised him after dinner with a Daddy date to a real haircut place.  I missed out on the experience but I got these photos and the whole rundown from Cephas.  The highlight I gather was the lollipop at the end.

      They ended their night at McDonald's for a couple of ice cream cones and he came home announcing to all of his adventure.  I just love that discovery and new experiences can be pleasurable for him.  So thankful tonight that Randy and I took the leap of faith. 


christieminich said…
Tina, I just love this post!
I remember a long time ago talking to somebody who didn't want to adopt an older child because they would miss out on all the "firsts".

I was telling them, how many "firsts" there really are to enjoy. First Christmas, First dental appt. First hair cut. First experience flushing a toilet or going to the mall.
So many wonderful firsts.
So glad we took that leap of faith too. :)

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