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Well certainly the last 20 hours have unfolded quite differently than we had been expecting.  We were told we would need to stay seven days and be prepared it may be more than that.

Last night was a bit restless and around midnight I was praying when I knocked my bible off the chair and it slipped down beside me opening up to Matthew 21.  The passage my eyes landed on first was Matthew 21:21.

I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, "Go throw yourself into the sea, and it will be done. If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer."

Immediately I felt in my spirit to pray this over Cephas.  I know healing is for my son, for all of us and it is a gift through faith we have to pray in belief.  Yet, often times we stop ourselves from praying due to different reasons.  

Maybe we have heard all the reports and in preparing ourselves for that we lose faith to believe what God might be saying to us.  Or, maybe what we see seems impossible or perhaps we think we are being proud or acting without humility to pray a power prayer of healing.  And sometimes its that we see our own limits, sins, flaws that keep us from praying.  

But last night all I heard over and over is, "Our faith comes from His faithfulness."  It just kept repeating in my heart.  It's not about how strong we are and how good at prayer we have gotten.  It's that we KNOW His faithfulness.  That we understand WHO OUR GOD IS.  And the goodness of God is not dependent on us.  It's just not! 

And so I placed my hand on Cephas and told God not by my strength or will but in His faithfulness to the word He showed me at that moment, heal my son. It wasn't a lengthy prayer with eloquent words and I didn't need to dazzle my heavenly Daddy.  He was just inviting me to believe and ASK.

And this morning I am watching my child surprising his doctors and nurses with his very quick recovery.  He is eating and drinking well, sitting up and in almost every way our Cephas.  He is more tired than usual and he has some pain at the site of the incision but otherwise he is full of energy oozing out all over!!  Talky, talky, talky!  

While I kept things going with Cephas here, Randy took Lucia for her tooth extraction.  He found quite a surprise himself with it lasting only TEN minutes in the chair!!!  She is doing BEAUTIFULLY and hasn't complained of mouth pain ONCE today!

So the wonderful news is that we ALL go home together - TOMORROW after lunch!  TWO DAYS after surgery and FIVE DAYS early!

We had some special celebrating with a visit from Charlie the retriever and Lucia was able to go outside to special festivities for the children and see a juggler and have her hand painted.

They hardly felt like they were stuck at the hospital today.  This place is so incredibly good to us.  I keep thinking we got lucky with a nurse and then the next one comes and is equally a blessing!  This experience is doing so much to repair what Lucia went through back home and she is feeling good about having her upcoming surgery here.

I am praying for anyone who has been struggling with belief to begin thinking about faith in a new way.  Begin asking for HIS faithfulness, not yours.  As you press in to who HE is, your spirit rises.  It's not dependent on you....His yoke is light.  Rest in who He is....LOVE.


Nicole said…
Thank you so much for the pictures and updates on Cephas and Lucia...so many wonderful pictures. And your encouraging words. So wonderful that they are having surgeries to help their bodies. It is so hard to read those words of their past pain and hopes that they won't be sent back. I'm so glad that you have found them and take such loving care of them.
Carla said…
I love everything about this post! Our hope is in the object of our faith not the strength of our faith. So very true.
Savi said…
Your children are so beautiful and inspiring. I love hearing about them. Tell Lucia from me that, as a fellow young lady (I'm 18) I think she is gorgeous inside and out and she should never let anyone tell her otherwise. I shared your last post on my blog the other day because it moved me to tears. Hope you don't mind!

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