Priceless Heart - An Urgent Plea for Three


   Thank you so much for spreading the word and sharing the need for the Higbie family. I think collectively we are ALL truly moved by watching what love does. The final count for the gifts that have come in to Grace Haven is $8,510. Between that and some gifts that came in for them at Project Hopeful and Orphan Justice Center today, a total of $22,290 has been raised in two days. The amazing thing is this extra money should cover plane tickets to come back home!! I was able to speak with Bob and Diane today and they are humbled and want each of you to know they will be sharing their adoption journey and invite you to follow them in Ukraine on their blog. They want everyone to share in this testimony of what God is doing!!

The winner of the diamond necklace is Sheila Wray of Texas and the winner of the $200 Walmart gift card is Sybille Vought of Michigan!! 

    My tender friends who have cried out to heaven for orphans for several years  are now about to embark on an incredible journey to bring three hearts home.  Nadiya 17, Oksana 16 and her brother Vasyl 14, all at the deadline for being able to get adopted, are eagerly waiting to come home!

Yes, you heard me.  They have already spent time in Bob and Diane Higbie's home through hosting and have told the Higbie's that they wish to live with them and call them family!  And this is what makes this more dire than ever.  These children's hopes and future are on the line.  

Bob and Diane are in need of raising $6500 by THIS SATURDAY in order to have the funds wired in time.  THIS IS URGENT FRIENDS!!!

Lillian in arms, Bob (Papa), Vasyl in blue, Oksana in yellow and April light blue

 And precious Nadiya with Diane (Mama)

They didn't just meet hope when they came to stay with Bob and Diane... they met love.  They met up with a real touch from Jesus and they long to be back here soon to run on the farm, play nerf gun tag, snuggle with their siblings and BE family that will support them as God leads them into incredible journeys with Him!  

A GENEROUS, LOVELY and perfectly APPROPRIATE offering has been given by an anonymous donor to HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

This diamond covered heart necklace with gold clasp has a retail value of $500

From now until the end of day Friday, August 30th we will be accepting raffle entries to win this beautiful necklace to help bring THREE PRICELESS JEWELS HOME!!

For every $25 donated, you will receive 10 ticket entries!  

The Higbies are in need of a total $15,000 to complete the entire adoption but $6,500 is needed immediately so please repost, share, pray and bless Nadiya, Oksana and Vasyl!  

When you donate through paypal, please note "Higbie" in the comment section

To read more about the Higbie family and to see more photos of the children when they came for hosting, go to:

 16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.    1 John 3:16-18


sasass said…
Any purchases from my Etsy store. 50% go to an adopting family of your choice as long as the link is included. Please share this as I know it may not help for their immediate need but it could for that future chunk!
Miriam said…
Done & Praying!
Kate said…
I wasn't able to give the full $25 but was very happy to give what I could!! I forgot to indicate "Higbie" in the Paypal notes so I left a comment at the link provided indicating my error - do you think that is sufficient to straighten this out or is there someone else I should contact?
Missy said…
Always fun to be part of an adopting family's miracle! :)
Vicky said…
Done!!! Praying for them and sharing their story.

~The Gothman family from MN
Nancy said…
Done! My heart still breaks for them that they weren't able to complete the Russian adoptions before the stop. These are good people, donate if you are able.

It pleases The Lord when you help others! Lets please Him! Rise up
Jaime said…
I just donated but didn't see a place for a comment. The donation is under Jaime Kirkpatrick for $25. Thanks.
4 boys in AZ. said…
I made a $25 donation. I didn't see a place that said "comments" but I did see a place that said "instructions to seller". That is where I indicated that the $25 donation is to go to the Higbie family adoption fund. The donation was made under Barbara Potempa. Thanks.
votemom said…
hi it's sybille vought of michigan - just now seeing this update. is it too late to redeem my gift card?
Tina Kacirek said…
Sybille YES!! Can you email me at
with your mailing address?
Thank you so much!!

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