Stretching and Growing

Some special life long memory events happened this week. 

Rainan had her very first dance recital and we got a new kitten!

I was so proud of her! This was a day I had always dreamed of. For all of you who have known me since childhood, pretty much dance was my focus and seeing her enjoy it too blesses my heart! Especially when she is dancing for Jesus!! Right before her dance began someone announced to the audience that this one was dedicated to Lucia and Cephas. It was such a surprise and I immediately teared up. I looked over at them and had another one of those "pinch me" moments again. THEY REALLY ARE HERE. They are HOME!

Our other big surprise was this beautiful little baby who joined our family.


We are all things kitty at the moment. 
And some other really cool things we've noticed......
We laid Lucia down on her wedge and she pushed herself up to this position on her own!!  This is HUGE.  HUGE. HUGE!!  Her strength and determination to do more is amazing.  She pushes herself and says, "I'm sorry" when she didn't attain what she hoped.  We constantly tell her she doesn't need to be sorry but she is so hopeful to do more things on her own. 
And I went inside for a bit and came out to find she had pulled herself up so she is leaning her weight to the side...nothing is touching her upper back here.  I did a little Mama jig dance on the porch for her.  We had to celebrate!!  She is spending less and less time in her same curled position.  We see her "lengthening" as she has some tummy time and frequent changes of position.  That alone has done wonders.  At first it was bothering me that we couldn't get her in to the specialists right away but I think this may end up being a good thing to give us some time to work on the muscular aspects so that by the time they see her she may present more accurately.  Those muscles just hadn't been stretched all of those years.  
When we are weak, then we are strong!



Carissa said…
Oh Tina!!! Lucia looks wonderful!! GO LUCIA GO!!!
Christie Minich said…
All of them are so sweet. The picture of Lucia with the kitten is precious. Amazing how she is getting stronger!
One thing about waiting on docs that is good, is more bonding time and more understanding of English before all the hard stuff starts. It is a time of peaceful rest.
hoonew said…
She looks great sitting up! You must be so proud.
Dawn said…
Lucia's face really says it all! That is one lovely girl who is absolutely blossoming already! It is amazing to see from here, I can't imagine how awesome it must be to see in person :)
Jo's Corner said…
Love Love Love this post! You Go, Lucia Girl! Oh, the photo of Lucia and Ginger is now my screen saver! Lucia looks SO different! She is filling out and even looks like she's had some sun. And, Ginger! Personally, I believe that kittens are angels with fur! They can bring so much healing. (Just curious, has Ginger had her ears checked yet? My newest cat had "dark stuff" in her ears and it was ear mites.)
I'm so happy to see this new post! I check into FB for one see what You have to share! ; )
Love to the K Family!
Jo's Corner said…
Dear Rainan,
You look like a Princess! I bet your recital was lovely, just like You! Keep on Dancing, Sweetie!
Love, Jo
Laurie said…
Our God is an awesome God!! He reigns!!
Tabbitha said…
I love this sooooooo much! So much! :) I have simply run out of words to describe the GOOD that God is and gives. I'm so weak to express Him rightly! Thank you, Father!
Just watch what that sweet girl is going to accomplish! So many times I hear children and adults say " I can't!" and I just want to show them Lucia and say "You Can because she can!"
All your children are adorable, but Lucia, Lucia melts my heart. That beautiful smile - she looks so happy and content. She's obviously home!
Petticoat9 said…
Some like Friday night movies. Others dining out. My sheer joy is getting blessed with blogs like this that show the power of LOVE.
I am so blessed to have met you.

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