Camp Out Daze

Before the heat wave came in we took advantage of some pretty nice weather and did a camp out last weekend.  I should was in the backyard.  Everybody slept in tents including all of the animals.  Thought you'd like to see some pics.
Cephas loved the bounce of the air mattress and Lucia showed off with some push ups.
While Rainan joined Dad on the trampoline. 
Grace managed to take in FOUR hotdogs and from the looks here you can guess she didn't slow down.  Seriously how can someone eat SO much and be this skinny?  Must be that arm flapping.  Soon she should fly!
Maxim with his neighbor friend Caleb.
 Grandma joined us!
   We made it all through the night with a little sleep even. LOL!  As soon as we got up and ever since Cephas keeps asking if we can sleep outside again.  He wasn't scared at all and Randy and I were in the other tent.  Thought that was pretty amazing. (As I am writing this he is calling out from the other room, "Jesus loves me, Mama.  Jesus love you, Mama!")  He is such a happy little boy.  I can so easily forget how old he is.


Wow.  I just love this.

Rainan helping me water my flowers...

Funny story.  Liam and his friend Seth (lives next door) decided to race and both ran home and made macaroni and cheese and then met back up on the front porch to see who could go the fastest.  I love these kids.  They have so much innocent fun together.  I think Caleb won though.  He chose to make ice cream instead.  Make, as in, dig it out of the carton and put it in a bowl.

Look at that concentration.

Holden and Liam led some summer learning time.

  Thanks for all of the love and support you have given to us in words, prayer or other ways. 
Our praises to God have only grown! 



Petticoat9 said…
I see Jesus in you.
Tears of joy.
Thank you for sharing and for photos.

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