So if you have adopted, or even if you haven't, you can imagine the first day home after over a days travel and over 10 weeks away, things are a BIT out of our normal today but I wanted to share some pictures and to let you know that this feels like HEAVEN knowing that Lucia and Cephas are HERE and in their home.

Lucia asked if her bedding was really hers and touched to know that I picked it out just for her.  Cephas is excited to explore and likes his siblings so much.  He still keeps asking about his new orphanage and what groupa he will go into.  He doesn't quite understand his journey is OVER and he is HOME forever so we will be focusing on family A LOT.  Lucia totally understands this is her family and she told us last night that she feels like she is home and it is just as she imagined it to be!!

They are a JOY!!!  We have our hands full for sure and much more to go medically, but our hearts are so so so thankful for their lives and to have them with us.  Our faith has increased even more!!

Cephas wanted me to take pictures of him building his blocks!
This has been really good for Jubilee to see others with greater need than herself.  We are encouraging her to want to help too.
First morning together- not too bad!! 
I cannot say thank you enough to all who donated to make it possible for Lucia and Randy to ride together in business class.  It made ALL the difference for her!!!  God was so good to them on the way home!  I will write more later but wanted to get this out ASAP.  Thank you to Project Hopeful and Life2Orphans, the Malone Family and Lonnie at Rowland Enterprises for being so helpful and patient with us and for going above and beyond to bless us.   SO thankful to our friends and family who stayed close to us along this journey showing Christ's love through serving us so generously!!
We love you!


Anonymous said…
welcome welcome welcome - home sweet home!! been checking in to see how you all are doing - thanks for sharing!! best wishes over the coming days and weeks!
Jo's Corner said…
I feel like a heavy load has been lifted from my heart...a release/relief that your Son and Daughter are at Home with their Family, Forever. I can only imagine how you all must feel! Congratulations and Welcome Home, Lucia and Cephas! I love you All! ~ Aunt Jo
hoonew said…
This makes me so happy! Thank you for taking the time to update us. I hope you will continue to tell the story of how the rest of your trip was, and how the kids are doing. Please send our best wishes to Cephas and Lucia.
Katie said…
Oh so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely family. I can't wait to see those kids grow and learn now that they have the family they deserve. Home at last... makes me tear up.
What wonderful news. We are out of town, but I can't wait to see you and your kids. Praying for you all as you settle in together. Peace & joy!
Psalm127Mommy said…
PRAISE THE LORD!!! Welcome home! Will look forward to hearing the whole story....someday! ;-)
rosedel said…
I'm so happy to see you home! I'm keeping you in my prayers as your journey continues.
Laura Brumback said…
Hooray! I've been checking every day just to see this post. I love your family, Lucia especially. My own daughter has CP, and I feel for her. Thank you for loving that angel and bringing her Home!
Jed and Kimber said…
Yay! I met Randy, Cephas, and Lucia at the Malone's house last week. I've been wondering how the fight home went! Please let Randy know I connected with Alla and will see her this evening :)
Becca Wylupek said…
Oh my goodness! TEARS! I am so incredibly happy for these precious kids!! THANKS for sharing your journey with us!!

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