The First Day Home

It's fast and furious! 

Chris Malone our precious friend who flew home with Randy and the kids stayed shortly and then said goodbyes.  So hard to say goodbye to our dear dear friend!!  Lucia cried hard to see him go...  She just cares for hearts so deeply. 

Because the kids are so used to laying down after many years we have been easing them into a more rigorous life.  Just small things like going around the neighborhood for a walk or playing on the front porch is very exciting.  Cephas wants to do so much and is eager but his fear is quite great.  He is scared of so much although he talks big.  He trembles and worrys much.  Mostly that something will hurt him.  He is scared of water except for a short shower.  He thinks cats and dogs will eat him and he is perhaps more scared they will eat his food.  He is scared of being hungry.   We assure and reassure him constantly....    There is just so much for him to learn.  He is a baby in so many ways, and the Lord has just enlarged my heart for him even more!!  He is darling....  He is just the sweetest 15 year old baby I have ever known.  I don't spend too much time thinking on his past although waves and rushes of pain will hit me as I see him push through fear of something so "simple" once again.  He wants to be strong and he is so strong to keep looking for good in the midst of his own fears.  Oh how he tries.  He wants to make us happy...  He wants to please but when his fears overwhelm him, he does have some big meltdowns.  We just let him know that he is okay and have boundaries for him as if he were a very tiny child.  Like a toddler he is curious but doesn't know better. 
We discovered that in his tantrums he will bang his feet against the wall so hard that they broke open and bled.  He doesn't have feeling below his waist so he doesn't understand what he does to himself when he melts.  He wants to be comforted and at other times doesn't.  He is trying to figure it all out.  Oh I am so proud of him.  I know that may be a strange thing to hear but he is just awakening to a whole new world.  I am just so amazed by my boy. 
This was taken right before our first walk around the block. 
Once around the block is about all they could handle for the first time.  We got back home and rested on the front porch with some quiet time and a little play.  I think the front porch is going to be the favorite spot.
Uncle Anthony came over in the evening time for dinner and we went on a second walk and then Lucia and Cephas got to see the others try out the inflatable pool.  Cephas kept telling me he did not want to go in.  I assured him he didn't have to.  While he could see they were having fun, I think he thought they were nuts to enjoy playing in the water.  The kids laughed seeing them be silly.
I am doing my best to keep this blog going more for our own memory sake!  These hours fly by and I know how precious they are to remember how far they have come and to count each blessing.  For this reason you will see me post some of the difficult moments too.  Thank God, there is grace for it all! 
With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all  Acts 4:33


mommajeane said…
I would love your front porch too…what a haven of peace it is. Praying for your sweet family.
hoonew said…
Jealous of your great porch. What a great place for the kids to be together. Loving every bit of your updates.
7 KIDS said…
Lucia is looking super cool in her sunglasses!
Anonymous said…
Wow, just amazing how far they have come already...great job of chronicling it all!! Thanks for sharing :)
Christie Minich said…
Cephas is so precious. Those fears are so heart breaking! He is a baby and a teenager all rolled into one.
I am so excited that you and your husband totally get that!
He is going to be awesome!!!
He IS awesome!!!

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