Small Steps Are Big Leaps Sometimes

Gosh the progress is coming so fast that I can hardly keep track of it all! 

Lucia is feeding herself with solids.  If we can put the food on a fork she wants to hold it and put it to her own mouth.  YAY!  She has such sweet manners using please and thank you Mommy.  Cephas is a fine diner too.  He is branching out and trying new things if only a small bite.  Other things he is sure of he wants to eat a LOT of.  We are slowly working him towards eating a small portion of what he doesn't like so he can get what he wants next.  So far it is working nicely.

We had more outside time today.  We discovered the SANDBOX!  It was risky I know but it was so good.   He loved filling his bucket with sand using the shovel and dumping it out over and over.
He called "Mama Tina!" over and over.  As I walked to him from the porch I realized he was throwing sand OUT of the box and all over the grass.  He was so proud to show me what he could make the sand do.  Then he "petted" Jubilee's head with his sandy shovel....she wasn't very thankful though.  Then one more throw and sand got into Rainan's hair.  He was so excited to see what this sand could do he didn't understand why she was upset.  He didn't know that sand in an eye would hurt.  Rainan forgave him quickly and I motioned and said "in" the best I could to keep the sand IN the box.  He settled back into his shovel and bucket routine nicely. 
While enjoying the front yard, Lucia and Cephas were also entertained by twinkle toes Rainan running and jumping in the pool and to watching the garbage truck pick up the trash and the mail lady deliver the mail.  Those are big things!
After a walk around the block (during which time Cephas kept his eye out for every possible animal that might come eat him) we cleaned up and came inside for a long nap in the afternoon.  Perhaps the exciting days and long travels were finally catching up to them.
After dinner we had our first bath.  Yes, I mean that.  He is used to being sprayed down or sponged down but this was the first time he was put in a tub of water for a real bath time.  Can you tell how he felt about it?  He was scared and you can tell from the photo just how tiny he is when you look at my hand next to him.  He wasn't going to have ANY of us trying to distract him with toys.  But he was forgiving and I think we will make progress each time.

He did love his new pajamas though!    We also tried something new with Lucia.  She can't sit up and is so stiff and has her tail bone sticky out sharply just making it so very uncomfortable for her to sit in the tub in any sort of relaxing way.  So, we tried something creative and I got in wearing my clothes and Randy laid her on top of me and she was able to relax more.  She still doesn't really love bath time but she is tolerant and laughs as we try to handle her.  She has an incredible sense of humor and laughs even at herself.  We are still trying to figure out the bath situation.....
We went to bed without any meltdowns and we had a nice little prayer time together.  They went to bed tired and happy.  That's success!


Christie Minich said…
Oh that bath picture is precious. Erika too had never had a bath. Her first bath was similar. She was just so scared... but just like a lady, once she was in and realized we were being gentle and tender, and the water was warm.... she settled in. :)
Precious moments! So wonderful that everybody is home.
Overwhelmed by Gods grace. Miss you all so much.
Psalm127Mommy said…
I am loving each update! What precious gifts. Oh, the things we take for granted, like bath time, that are so "normal" - yet these kiddos have never had normal! Thank you for sharing, it is such an encouragement!
They both are looking so good!

For Lucia, if you could lock a seat somehow, would a garden type chair that's meant to get wet work at all for a shower? Or a floaty ring for her to have under her tailbone and pool noodles to support or protect other areas? I'm just thinking of what got drug into the pool yesterday.
Katie said…
My friend's son (who was adopted from a MI) was terrified of baths too - she tried putting her other daughter in the bath and letting him watch her play, and after a little while I think he decided it wasn't so scary... maybe siblings could help out on that one? And bless your heart, getting in fully clothed to help Lucia take a bath! Will they be able to do something for her to make her more comfortable now that she's home? Love reading about your beautiful family!
Jolene said…
Oh praise God! I am so excited to see them bloom over these next few weeks and months! Please let us know how to direct our prayer regarding their medical care....they will have many appointments coming up, I'm sure!
Laurie said…
Hi Tina, I am wondering if this mesh float might work for Lucia:

It is mesh in the center so won't just float her above the water. Could also combine it with a pool noodle if she needs upper body to be kept a little higher.

Blessings, Laurie

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