Meeting Music, Animals, and the Dentist

Oh I am trying to catch photos of as much as I can but sometimes I have to be busy doing and the photos don't happen.

Yesterday I decided to get out the box of instruments and see how it would go.  I introduced them to their hands and they both remember how to say hand in English now.  We talked about clapping hands and rhythm and they loved it.  So simple I know. 

We took turns having everyone play an instrument and Lucia was HOT on the maracas and bells! :)  Rainan and Grace put on a little dance for everyone and ended up music time with forming a circle and playing hot potato.  I got one of those that can get wet and is really light so no one got hurt....well Cephas did pelt me fairly good in the eye-  that boy has an ARM!

BUT shortly after our round of hot potato something pretty miraculous happened.......

Remember my boy so terrified of animals and how they would eat him????

As he got braver with Hazel the dog, he decided it was okay to try petting Louise the kitty. 

With this confidence building Cephas got filled with all kinds of lovey feelings and wanted to hug everyone.  And I had to laugh as he reached for Jubilee.   She was totally fine but since she tends to be our whiney and particular one, I found this to tickle my funny bone.  It was good for her.
Grace rushed in to get her hug.  She wasn't going to miss it.
He has lots of opportunities for loves, you can see!

I hated to ruin all of his fun, but the afternoon brought with it, their first trip to the dentist.  Both of them did pretty well.  Cephas began trembling and shaking in terror at the x ray machine so just did a happy visit and he then allowed them to look inside.  NOT GOOD.   Half of his teeth are still baby teeth at 15 1/2 years old.  At first I thought that was good, but the dentist tends to think there is a high chance of that meaning he doesn't have adult teeth below and since we couldn't get an x ray we don't know. 
And Lucia did well too!  Nervous but brave!  She has all of her adult teeth but many are rotted and no chance at an x ray either.  They think we need to wait until going to Children's Hospital to have everything done under anesthesia.
We were so proud of them!!  We built big trust with them.  When Cephas got scared, he turned and called for Mama Tina.  For those trauma mama's out there you know how BIG this is!! We hugged and kissed and he settled down quickly.

On the drive home, Cephas said, "I love you Mama.  Thank you Mama and Papa."  We weren't sure what he was saying thank you for but we think he was feeling good to have had a good experience at the doctors and to have so many encouraging him. 

No big meltdowns at all today!! 


Jenn Jones said…
My heart soars with yours!
Jenn Jones said…
My heart soars with yours!
Karien Prinlsoo said…
it is a privilege to follow your storey and see any bit of progress the children make. I always trembles when I'm at the dentist. I've found that a heated bean bag helps to calm me-I put it on my tummy or chest-I think both the heat and weight helps to settle any nervousness
Praise God. It was wonderful to talk to him on the phone today. Made my day!
Oh, dear Tina!It brought tears to my eyes.Especially when Cephas said, "I love you Mama. Thank you Mama and Papa."
Debbie said…
This made my soul happy! :)Your family is so sweet! Just love that you have invited us in to read your story (made me feel like I was sitting in your living room). I can just see Cephas loving everybody, so happy he warmed up to his family pets and did well at the dentist, Lucia too! :)Welcome home, sweet home! :)
One Tired Momma said…
I'm someone you don't know. I'm not sure how I got linked to your blog but I've been following for a while and just wanted to let you know how beautiful all of your children are. I look forward to watching them all grow.

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