Doctors and Friday Night Fun

Our hands were full, too full to take photos but yesterday we went to the doctor for the first time.  We needed to establish their primary care provider to receive referrals to go to Children's.  I really like the primary for them.  She was very compassionate too.  I feel good about this.

She hadn't seen such severe cases personally so she wasn't able to give too much feedback but she was moved and I saw her eyes well with a bit of surprise when she saw Cephas' back and Lucia's too.  She wants us to get to a pulmonologist quickly for Lucia and said she would do what she could to get us to St. Louis very soon. 

Lucia weighs 57 pounds and Cephas 50 pounds.  It is a blessing they are able to eat and not needing IV like many other children who come home. 

And so darn it, I missed getting the photo of their first drive through greasy hamburger experience.  Thank God for bag a burgers at Braums!  LOL

Cephas is enjoying his van rides now and looks around closely.  He is settling in with an ease and our communication is mainly through affection.  I've got great eye contact going with them and they giggle when we don't understand.  They think I make some great funny faces.

Randy went out for some much needed boy time with Holden and Liam.  They went to get some frozen yogurt and to see Iron Man.  We settled in for Toy Story 2 here and then we had a girl time later on.
Lucia got her first facial and mask.  Layers of dead skin came off and she felt fresh! 
Rainan thought I needed to get in a picture too.
Rainan nabbed this great shot of Lucia after her pamperings.  I just look at this beauty and cannot imagine she had gotten used to having her beautiful face spit at.  Oh the things she has shared breaks me.  She is experienced amazing grace, amazing life in the land of the living.  Oh yes, my sweet baby girl.  You are precious and amazing and MINE!!
Cephas kept himself busy while we did crazy girl things.  He rolled and unrolled the rug about 50 times.  He wants to fold everything.
I pushed them to stay up a little later.  They are used to sleeping more.  They were all smiles at bedtime and no meltdowns again! Yay! 

After getting everyone to sleep, this little angel needed some special one on one mommy time.
A little nail polish, story reading, grape eating and snuggling in bed seemed to bring just the perfect refreshment to us both.

God is good.  I am blessed beyond measure.  Every achey moment is so worth it. 


ErinL said…
Oh that picture of Lucia. Wow! What a beautiful face! Of course, if you end up in St. Louis and need anything at all I'm here. I'd love to see you again and introduce you to more of my crew, as well as meet more of yours!
Psalm127Mommy said…
I am loving each and every update! Thank you so much for sharing your life with the rest of us. You are in my prayers! :)
Jo's Corner said…
Dear, DEAR Tina,
When I read these posts, my heart feels like it will burst right out of my chest! Seeing and experiencing these children's "firsts" is such a humbling experience. So many things that I take for granted, are Huge to these little ones! Sweet Cephas, oh how I love him! He IS very much like an older infant/toddler and I can see how he is really trying to be strong and brave. I was telling my Mom about them on the phone today, explaining how everything is so new for them. She was really touched! And, a bit in awe at why/how you & Randy do what you do. I told her that it was Jesus! Only Jesus can give a person the extra strength/energy to care for helpless children. But, I see them changing and growing already! They are so beautiful!

And, Lucia! Oh my, she is a doll! Such a sweet, gentle soul, huh? She has had to depend on someone for everything and I am pretty sure that her needs were not always met with love. Yet still, her spirit is intact. Jesus has carried her so close to Him, for sure. They could cause her physical pain, but He gave her strength to hold on until her Mommy and Daddy would get to her!

Can you share how your other children are doing? They look so happy and relieved to have you and Daddy back at home. I see wonder in Maxim's eyes. Curiosity in Rainan and Jubilee's faces. And, Grace. I'm not real sure. Is she struggling with all of the new stuff? I feel such a pull to her, as I look at the photos. Like she's looking unsure of where she fits in the family now. Now, these are "my" thoughts and they may be totally off. Know that there is no judgement.

YOU look SO happy! Happy and relieved to finally have your children all under one roof. I just want to reach through my screen and give you a big hug! You are in my prayers, as being the Mommy takes a lot of love and patience and strength.

Randy looks happy, too. And, tired! Bless his heart, he was gone a loooong time! Oh, what a father will do for his children! Just like our Father does for us! Give him and ALL of the kids a hug for me. I am really, really hoping to drive down soon. I hope that by the time I come, the newbies will be able and up for meeting Aunt Jo! Well now, I have written a short ebook with this comment-tary! ; )

Keep doing what ever it is that you're doing, sweet friend! And, know that you are Loved!! ~ Jo
hoonew said…
They spit at Lucia? But she is so beautiful, and sweet, and... How terrible!

I too am gobbling up these updates. I hope many of their medical issues can be easily fixed. So eager to see what can be done for them.

Keep us posted!
Tina this was the most beautiful post I have read! I cried to think of what Lucia put up with and was aware of but my tears were wiped away when I saw that sparkle in her eyes after her beauty treatment. This is a story all must read.
Samantha said…
I'm a fairly new reader of your blog and I love it. Your family is absolutely beautiful and your 2 newest treasures are beaming.
Do you live near St. Louis? I LOVE St. Louis Children's hospital. My daughter gets most of her specialty care there. She has a mild form of cerebral palsy that was caused by a possible stroke either right before or right after her birth. She is perfect to us. I'm so thankful to live near such a great hospital. I live just 16 miles east of the river on the Illinois side.

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