Healing Begins

The days went by and the routines stayed the same.  With so much to do and with regimens in place, sadly, a life can become a number.  We do this too in America.  We label, organize and put in order. In our efficiency, our convenience, our ever seeking comfort, we forget that there was only One who was ever meant to prioritize and structure our lives. 
I wonder what it feels like though to be the one being filed.  To see the same person show up, do something to you and then walk away.  Day after day for thousands of days.  Cruelty may not be intended, but what did it feel like?  Maybe today they will talk to me.  I am going to smile really big and look into their eyes. Hope lingers.....
Will someone look inside of me instead of AT me?
Do they know I am real?  I am, aren't I? 
Oh yes, precious daughter.  You are more than real. You are LOVE.  Created in love, with love, FOR LOVE.  What others could not see in you was never because of you, it was because they didn't understand LOVE.  Your light has been bright, shining steadily and because of a strength unknown to any man, you are here and ours and never again will your light be hidden away.
Fear was never your portion.  The grace of God has protected you for this day.  Your wait is over.
So for today, let's start anew. 
 Let me hold you, kiss you, hug you and fill you with tender whispers of God's promises. 
 He will give you more than you ever dreamed, more than you could imagine.   
You are home and safe in our hearts forever. 
We'd  choose you over and over again.
To watch Lucia have her first dance with her Daddy:

14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. Matthew 5:14-15



Sarah said…
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
Kate said…
Lovely words for such a lovely girl. Praying for you all.
Melissa said…
That was BEAUTIFUL! Truly brought me to tears to see how much she loved just being LOVED!

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