And Then the Clearing Comes

So many of you have messaged me to let me know you are praying and to ask for updates.  Thank you doesn't begin to convey how grateful I have been to know that you have lifted us up.  There has been much we have been contending for in this adoption.  Many details I just haven't been freed to share.  It's been a lengthy quiet time in prayer for me where I have just rested in the Word of God to minister to some aches as we have waited.
I had no idea at the time of these photos that he was my son or she was my daughter! 
 God's plans are amazing!

    Waiting isn't new for us however knowing the amount of time our two have been sitting with their own wait in very painful and lonely positions, Maxim growing weaker and Julia inching closer to that 16th birthday left me yearning for an answer from God.  My Father in heaven has been able to minister to my heart in this time and sweetly I can report some very good news.

    With redo's on our paperwork over silly matters extending our wait, we made a mad rush to Little Rock to attempt a last minute sprint  right after Thanksgiving before the December shutdown.  We had great success that day but still it was one day too late.  We went into December knowing we had another 8 weeks before opening again and in the meantime more papers were expiring.  Too tired to cry at the thought, we took it in stride, prayed some more and began redoing papers while we nestled in for Advent. 

    A week later we learned that our two in Torez were transferred.  It seemed devastating to me at the time.  How could they move such fragile children in the middle of winter?  God what is this about?  Well God is in the details....  He is a good God.

    As you have seen in a previous post, Maxim had a very large prolapse.  Because of this he was made to sit in positions to accomodate him keeping weight and pressure off of the rectal prolapse.  By the time he arrived to the new orphanage, he was turning a bluish color, trembling and appearing in shock and pain.  Immediately he was sent to the hospital and within two hours underwent surgery!  This very well saved his life.  He had developed an infection that was turning into necrosis. 

                                        What seemed tragic, was the mercy of God. 

    My dear friend Carolyn who is in the same orphanage now adopting her son has been able to report seeing Maxim and that he is sitting upright with his legs together!  He is joyful and saying he is not in pain right now. 

He is so small but his face holds such expectation, doesn't it?  I am overjoyed for him.
Hard to believe that little guy will turn 16 this year.  But look at him sitting with his legs down for the first time. 
       There are some concerning things for us...  Things we wish we understood better about why he was able to receive surgery so quickly but for years was made to wait in this condition.  Previously we were told there wasn't anyone who could perform that surgery.  The hospital was only about 30 miles away from where he had been living for nearly a decade.  We've gone through several emotions about this as we think on the suffering he was going through with the infection and how close he came to losing his life but we moved beyond anger to thankfulness fairly quickly.  Only God could have orchestrated this timing so perfectly.  We began to think on what this means for him now in transfer.  One of our prayer requests was for how to bring him home on a plane.  Not only did this move to a new place provide his surgery but it has made him able to come home in a much better position medically. 
    Also, in December a distant cousin of mine, came to stay with us!  She celebrated her 20th birthday today and we are thankful for what God is doing with her.  She has been a blessing in helping with the kids here.  While we are in Ukraine, she will be here with my mom.  Again this was one of our prayer requests that additional care would be provided.  Had we gone earlier, the timing wouldn't have lined up for Nicole to join us.  God is SO in the details!
    He's been so good to allow her time to get acclimated here and to have bonded with the children so that they are all comfortable by the time we go. 
   Oh how I wish I had an update on Julia!  I haven't received any word on her since the move in December but one thing I have heard is that her new orphanage is far better off and has education and activities for the kids.  My heart has peace and hope that she is being exposed to new and cheerful opportunities.
    And then FINALLY we learned that our appointment in Ukraine is for March 5th!  Now comes the last minute preparing and organizing that we certainly would love prayer for.  I know it will all come together as He always provides a much better plan than my own but I know prayer moves mountains as we have already seen.
    AND lastly....  God gave us some icing for our cake!  Many don't know that we nearly brought home two children back in 2010.  We prayed but felt at the time that God was telling us Maxim only.  I carried a grief in me (and some guilt too) about not adopting a little girl named Victoria.  Well, it is scheduled that Randy and I will be arriving into Kiev on the same plane as Victoria's adoptive mom and dad!!!  Yes!!  That means that we will be at the orphanage together and I will take GREAT pleasure in being witness to her entering her forever family.  Please keep the Sayer's in prayer too!!  Victoria is in the photo above sitting in the front with the blue top.  Oh my I could squeal thinking about her new family!!!!
My Father in heaven has shown Himself faithful, as a perfect Father.  He takes into consideration ALL things and even touches those little aches left like Victoria had been for me.  He does lavish us in LOVE!  He comes to us in our suffering.  I am so thankful.  In this season of quiet I have learned a beautiful weeping that is not hopelessness or faithlessness but just the opposite.  I found myself a bleeding heart for the brokeness of another.  Not my grief but the pain of another I love.... a love I cannot explain other than Jesus placed it in me and then sealed it there. His great love coupled with our weak love becomes the grace haven we reside inside. 
My love,



Milena said…
What a relief that your dear boy got his surgery!

I too am happy that Victoria will have a family too! If her family allows it, will you please write a little about her and them too, since tey don't seem to have a blog?
Psalm127Mommy said…
How I needed to be reminded of His faithfulness this morning! Thank you for your beautiful post - He is faithful!
ErinL said…
I love every single part of this post :)! I've been jumping for joy since I heard the news of your appointment but I had not known of the surgery. That is some awesome God stuff!
Allison said…
What a fabulous update! Praise the LORD!!!

Debbie said…
Hi my name is Debbie. I met your son Maxim in Torez when I was there visiting with His Kids, Too back in 2010. His smile lit up the room and I will never forget him. Praise God for his surgery and it being an answer to prayer for how he will travel! So happy you finally have your appointment set for March 5th! I pray for Julia that when you find her she will be doing just as good! God bless xx
Amy said…
Your post is a special gift for our family. My kids prayed for Victoria for almost a year that she would find a family. We kept her picture on our kitchen table so we wouldn't forget. We also made Christmas ornaments for our extended family with a picture of Victoria so they too would pray for her. I was able to send one of those ornaments to the Sayer family a couple months ago. I am so excited you will be traveling at the same time since they don't have a blog and I was wondering where they were in the process. My kids have also been praying for Maxim too so they will be super happy to hear that both Maxim and Victoria will be coming home very soon! We will pray for safe travels and that all goes well.
Tina, I visited Torez with Debbie and also met with Maxim. I recently heard that a lot of girls have been transferred from Torez to an amazing orphanage (Druzkofca) sp? that we visited that same summer. Debbie's daugher, Lera, was there. The director is very, very loving and deeply cares for the girls. If your Julia is fortunate enough to be there, she is being very well taken care of, I assure you. :)
Renee Loux said…
I love you...I love your heart..I love how big our God is! He blows my mind with His love for His priceless He'll go to any length to see them rescued, adopted and restored! Thank you for being His hands and His feet. We are BEYOND EXCITED about your new precious one and will be praying that God makes the path clear, tears down every roadblock the enemy would try to set up and goes before you as Jehovah Jireh in every way!

You are beautiful!

Much love,

Renee' and tribe

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