Rally for the Hidden One's

We just wanted to give you all an idea on where things are at in our adoption and fundraising.  This isn't the fun kind of post but we wanted to share how our fundraising is going, what our needs are, and where all funds are going.

We know there is no price on a life and that Maxim and Julia's value is priceless!!  They are true jewels and we pray that every dollar given cheerfully and with love is blessed and multiplied and that you are refreshed for how you have sewn into their lives. 

U.S. Costs:

Updated Home Study Fee: $900 PAID
USCIS I-600A: $720 PAID
Fingerprints: $85 x 3 = $255 PAID
Apostilles: $250 PAID

Total: $2,185 PAID


Documents (Sveta):
Translation, Certification, Submission of Dossier, and Communications with SDA regarding dossier, translation of finalized Ukrainian papers into English: $2500 x 2 = $5,000

Ukraine Facilitation (George):
Adoption translator to all required Ukrainian Adoption Authority appointments, institution visits, court appearances, arranging all accomodations, transportation, and taking care of small personal needs, meeting with local inspector in region, obtain final approval from Ukraine authority, court hearing, arrangement of medical exams and transport, travel to child's birthplace and obtaining of birth certificates, all notarizations, escort to US Embassy: $2500 x 2 = $5,000

Legal Fees:
Fees for notary documents certification, copies of all documents for different actors in the process, regional inspector assistance, orphanage documents/lawyer assistance, all taxes: court, documents, legalization, payments for tax code, passport, new birth certificates, legalization of court decision, documents for visa: $1,500 x 2 = $3,000

Total:  $13,000

Estimated Costs:
Court Fee: $800

Airfare: $1300 x 4 = $5,200 (conservative)

In-country Lodging =  $50 per day in region and $100 per day in Kiev = $2,500

Transportation in Country by Train = $600

Taxi/Personal Driver costs =  $500 (transports to children's birth towns)

In-Country Living expenses (food, toiletries, clothes for children, medicines,) =  $1,500
Medical/Visa = $800

Total: $11,500

What we have not budgeted for here is any additional medical needs that may arise due to the kids special needs.  For instance, we do not yet know of any additional airfare costs that may arise to accomodate them or any medical emergencies (that we do not expect).  This is also without the cost of a nurse or additional help to come along to help bring the children home.  Please also note that on the Ten For Orphan page and L2O page the goal we have set is for $35,000.  We did this factoring in the higher end of our estimates (what's listed here is conservative) and also those additional flight changes/costs and medical attendance.  Any funds raised that surpasses our needs will be deposited into Grace Haven's grant fund for another adoptive family.  From our experience of our other adoptions, there is usually some surprises that arise that are not expected so factoring in two with needs we pray $35,000 is accurate.

We also have no funds included here for immediate transport to the hospital in St. Louis for the kids.  All costs are adoption fee and transport only.

Over all TOTAL: $26,685
 Less fees already paid:  $24,500

Funds already raised: $9,461.06 

Less current raised funds: $15,038.94 is what we have left to raise

Please be looking for our online auction that will be starting August 26th at a new blog site thanks to Tabbitha Easley!!  If you would like to donate an item to be auctioned please contact her at tabeasley@gmail.com  

We will also be starting an online Scentsy fundraiser for the month of September with 25% of the orders going to our adoption.  Thank you Shonda Zimmerman!

AND we will be holding a good ol' fashioned garage sale at our home still the date to be announced so if you have some gentle used items and would like to bring them we are taking now!!

AND we have been given a $500 matching grant opportunity that has not been matched yet! To give to our adoption and receive a tax deduction please go to http://www.tenfororphans.org/

Most of all we thank those who have lifted our needs and our families needs during this time!!  We are rich in loving friends.



Amanda said…
praying for you Tina...wish I wasnt putting all our monies towards Vika!! are you also adopting Julia??
Tina Kacirek said…
Amanda- yes we are adopting both Julia and Maxim! Thank you so much for your prayers Amanda. Truly we are so thankful when we hear someone has been lifting us up to Our Father! I too am so excited to see the work of God in your journey to Victoria. It is BEAUTIFUL redemptive work!! Love, Tina
Big Little Days said…
Shared your opportunity on my blog today!

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