Bafflement: Another Adoption?

I want to be transparent. I want to be vulnerable in this way because I want it to be made known how and why we grow as we have. I dread the criticism really. I don't want to make our life up for debate but to remain silent doesn't bring any clearer insight into what motivates and moves us.

Most of the questions revolving around growing again involve ability. How will you do it? You have more patience than me! How do you afford all of those kids? What about your biological children- how do they feel? How do you travel? I can't believe you guys have a 15 passenger van! You drive a bus now!

I'm not offended by the questions - so if you ask them, don't worry. You aren't the first and won't be the last.

It's just that all of those questions don't even scratch the surface of all that is involved within Randy and my heart. It's simpler, yet much much deeper.

Life is not valued here where we live, on this planet. Money, fame, entertainment, pleasures, credentials, education, prestige, comforts, beauty.... These are esteemed.

People will kill for selfish gain.

Children will die.

It's not drama. No need to dramatize children laying in wait for someone to come to them. Someone to care. Does anyone care? Do I matter? Does God care about me? Who am I? Will I die here?

But Tina, ahem, it's all sweet and all that you care so much, but how are you going to care for so many? I mean really. Everyone has a limit!

Once you step out of the old mindset and into the new, the view changes. While society holds all kinds of standards, God's are quite different. The world says make sure you have your savings filled up, your kids college fund all set in stone, make sure you get your vacations and travels in because you need those! Once everything is lined up and perfect, then, you might see if you can add a child to the house. One you can care for and give a better life. Smells of achievement doesn't it?

While God wants us prepared he cares a whole lot more that our hearts be prepared than our savings account. Money can be provided, but what is needed more? The money to care for a child or the love to do it? In the end, the child still exists. Our decision not to adopt, not to reach out and help means there is another child dying.

Why can't our thinking change? Why don't we first say, I see pain, I see the brokenhearted. I will go to them.

Simple. It's not my calling to adopt one might say. True. Maybe. But I think a whole lot more than not are resting on that excuse.

God said to care for the least. He said to love one another as he has loved us. He loves with a selfless love. He loves first! Out of love, everything else will be motivated. Out of God's love, our love is ignited for the ones who have no voice. The one's hidden from our sight. We can't create love. All the money and fame in the world could not bring our hearts to break for the lost and dying. But the love of God will.

Pure love living in a tent with just enough is better than all the riches without love. Love prospers. Love compels more love. Love radiates truth. And what all humans long for more than anything else is to be recognized for who they are and valued. This is the foundation for all good change.

We have chosen to invest in people. The return is quite high. Actually, it's heavenly.

But you NEED money to live- let's be real here.

I am not saying that money is bad or that we should be poor to adopt. What I AM saying is that I am so saddened by such a loss of perspective us westerners really have. Even Christ following westerners who have bought into the lie that comfort comes first.

The barriers we place on a family before we think they can or should adopt is so SAD! To the child laying in waste, I assure you, they would long to be held with a meager meal than none at all.

But Tina, you need to live in reality. There will always be dying and starving children.

And as long as people choose to live out of that mindset instead of seeing what their own heart could do through Christ, there will always be justification for doing nothing.

Why deny ourselves the opportunity to LOVE MORE?

This is what truly baffles me.


Tara said…
You said it SO much better than I ever could. Thank you!
nicole said…
honey i tell everyone if we all took orphaned children into our homes to love there would be no orphans..kudos to you for speaking the truth..
Lindsay said…
Where is the Share button on this post? :) I feel every word of it
Michelle said…
Thank you for your truthfulness. My husband and I had our eyes opened to the horrors of orphans around the world just recently. We really had no clue. However, since haing our eyes opened we have begun to pray and advocate for orphans. We have begun the process of adopting a 12 year old boy with CP. thank you for your faithfulness. I thank God knowing that one day we can finally rest in heaven and fellowship with one another!

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