A girl named Beautiful

I have to share with you the story of a young girl at the institution. I have given her the name of Beautiful for this story because everyday and often she says "Beautiful!" after she nods her head in this sort of I dream of Jeannie blink and nod. It's adorable and we mimic her in love in our days between the three of us. We all love Beautiful.
Here she is:

I wanted to tell her story because her life is precious and she is a gift God has given the world. A gift that needs to be shared. She brings the light of Jesus and hope to many where she lives.

Beautiful has cerebral palsey and cannot walk so she scoots everywhere she goes. She cares for the children younger than her and has taken on a teacher role with them. Like Artyom, she seeks purpose and I see her goal is to bring love to others. In Ukraine, orphans with special needs who are given specific diagnoses are sent to institutions for their life because there is no other place for them to go. Beautiful will not know another place.

She is 16 and will turn 17 (to old for adoption) in a matter of a few months. This has burdened my heart greatly. She is a wise young girl in matters of the heart. Will you please just pray about whether your home and heart might be stretched for children like Maxim and Beautiful? Time is ticking. Please do not read my plea wrong or take anything I say with guilt but these children need voices and I can at the very least be that voice. So today, as you go to sleep, will you please just ask God if adoption is in your future and will you consider giving God your yes, your willingness to go where He sends you?

I had a surprise waiting for Beautiful today. I found a purse and filled it with socks, juice, tissues, juice, fingernail polish and soap. I knew she would be so happy and I longed to see that joy in her face. But wouldn't you know it was Beautiful to surprise me FIRST. She had worked since yesterday putting little beads together into a bracelet for me and tied it on my wrist when I arrived. She then took her bracelet off her own wrist with Jesus on it and placed it on mine. She asked me to please keep it as a reminder of her. Oh if she only knew that I could not forget her. She's been imprinted as a carrier or Christ's love upon my heart. So after her presentation to me, I gave her my gift. Her thankfulness was so beautiful, Randy had it videotaped and we had to share with you. Once again, you need to see it on FB.

Can you be thankful in your circumstances? This is what Beautiful's life forces you to ask yourself. Do you see beauty where you are? Do you take the love God has given to you and do you give it away freely?


Milena said…
Such a sweet girl, inside and out. How touching that she has taken it upon her to teach the younger children. What a strong spirit she must have! Imagine what she could achieve would she be given the possibilities! It breaks my heart to know she'll age ot of the adoption possibility :-( I so hope somehow a possibility will open up for her!
NachalaDenise said…
Oh Tina you are so precious, I just love your blog and little Beautiful, I wish I could just wrap her in my arms for I would love her as her mother. I pray and pray for her and all of the little ones in orphanages.
Leslie said…
Thank you for intoducing us to Beautiful. What an amazing girl she is. She has purposed in her heart to love others with Christ's love and is determined to be used of God any way she can. THAT is an incredible testimony! And, yes, as I go to sleep each night, I have purposed in my heart to love those who have no one to love them. Right now, the ones God has called us to love live in Arkansas' foster care system instead of half way around the world, but the mission is still the same...to love the lost and bring them home. Time is ticking for all of these children no matter where they live. The important thing is to open your heart and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and obey His voice. He's calling all of us somewhere. We just have to decide to heed His direction or not.
praying for miracles for Beautiful! xxxx
mindy said…
do you know what ever happened to Beautiful?

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