Day Twelve: Court

Sorry no photos to share today. It was an emotionally packed day as we scurried to make calls and confirmations and learned early this morning that our problems were resolved for court. Then we went out to the institution for Randy and Holden to play with Maxim one last time and say goodbye. It was hard for all of them and me too. I knew that this place had changed their hearts and the children are forever impressed into their memories, not to be forgotten. Telling Artyom and Beautiful goodbye was especially difficult. Maxim took it all pretty well knowing Mom was going to continue coming to see him each day and that he would be coming to America soon. He's hanging on that.

We had a small break of time for lunch before we walked to court. We stood in a crowded dark hallway until we were called in to a small room. The inspector, the institution's psychologist, the prosecutor, recorder and judge met us there. The session went well and we touched that even when the inspector and psychologist spoke in the hearing they spoke well of us personally and had we had impressed their hearts with our time with Maxim. When it was over we were sent back outside to wait for the decision to be handed down and then we were called back inside. While we waited, George who doesn't meet a stranger was explaining to the others in the hallway what was taking place. We received blessings, hugs and thank you's from people I will never see again but will thank God for the encouragement at that moment. As we filed back in to the court room, I tried to keep myself strong. The weight of all of these months, the paperwork, the years of prayers for Maxim, thoughts of my kids at home, thoughts of Holden and Randy leaving only a couple of hours later....ALL OF IT was sitting on my heart and I didn't want it all to come pouring out on in a bawl like I wanted to so badly. So as she announced that Randy and Tina Kacirek are now the parents of Maxim Joseph Kacirek, I stood there with tears pouring down my face. I didn't know tears could be produced in that quantity. I turned to see the inspector and psychologist and everyone was crying. It's only right that Maxim be rejoiced over in this way. We felt a huge victory spiritually- what Satan meant to kill has been redeemed and blessed. Maxim Joseph has a mother and a father and a family!

So it felt all so anticlimactic to find ourselves in the market afterwards and then packing Randy and Holden's things into the truck to go. They take a drive to the train station then a 12 hour ride to the city. Tomorrow they go to the Embassy and hop an early flight Thursday morning. Because of the time change, they will be home thursday afternoon. Funny. My heart will feel such a leap to see them back home.

As for me, I cannot get rights to Maxim until Dec. 13th and I still need to travel to his birth city which is 3 hours away to get his birth certificate- that can't be done on the 13th so we wait until the 14th. And we need to have the birth certificate before we can attain his finalized passport so adding all that needs to be done here in region before we head up for medicals and 2 day embassy visits, we may be looking at returning to the US around Dec. 18-20th sometime.

As I waved goodbye to George, Randy and Holden, I kept repeating to myself inside, "I'm a big girl. I'm a big girl. I'm a big girl." Then thoughts of Maxim flooded my mind of all of the times he had been disappointed, left alone, scared. Then I began thinking of all that is going through his little head right now and how strong he has to be. Not knowing where he is going, no idea of what America is or how he will get there. His leap of faith is far greater than Randy and mine in going for him. Leaping in faith isn't easy. There are not guarantee's that your road is made easy. But we don't live out faith because we are "safe." Part of leaping is trusting. That's what Maxim is doing. He's leaping that even after being hurt by his birth parents, being left alone in an institution for many years, that he will trust one more time. Gosh, that leaves me speechless. I think of how many people I know who will not trust again, who will not believe the best, who feel they are forever scarred from their pasts.

Childlike faith.... Childlike faith.... I'm a big girl. I'm clinging to childlike faith.

Praising Jesus for this day, for this gift of Maxim Joseph Kacirek - a preciously loved son of mine.

Love, Tina


Mel said…
Ohhhh Tina!!!! I'm crying too!! I'm SO happy for you and your family, especially for sweet Maxim! God is good!!
Anonymous said…
I love this post. It's so eloquently put as well;) The last parts spoke directly to my heart. Thank you dear friend!!
Lisa said…
Congratulations to all of you! I am so touched by your story. Stay strong. I love what you have done and continue to do...Your words bring to life the plight of so many children without a voice of their own. Thank you!
Jill said…
PRAISE JESUS! What an amazing day of answered prayers. Tina, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with us. It has touched me in such a deep way.

Praying for continued strength and safety and a quick return.

Jo's Corner said…
Congratulations on your beautiful boy...your SON! I know it must be difficult to be without Randy and Holden, but HE is with you every second of the day. The time alone will allow you some quiet time to draw nearer to Him. And, in the quiet, His words will become clearer.
Just keep in mind, ALL of us that are lifting You and Maxim in Prayer. If there is some way or something I can do to help make this waiting time easier, Please, let me know.
Lots of Love ~ JO ~
Healy Family said…
the other commenters are so right on - what a beautiful beautiful story! and what a great encouragment on leaping out in faith~and i remember those tears in the court room too - i hadn't even realized how many (like you) had been lurking back there. hearing the long awaited for conclusion, the stress relief of having this big hurdle overcome and an end in sight, it's a lot!

may the good Lord continue to keep you and all of your family in the palm of His hand as you finish this wonderful journey!
Milena said…
Congratulations! May the days until you go home move fast and may they be filled with meaning; spending your time with Maxim and also blessing the other children at the institution with some attention.
Awesome Tina! I will pray for you in country, and your family at home. May you continue to look for and find God in the unusual places. I can't wait to check for updates every day :)

Chantel said…
Congratulations Tina! This is fantastic news! There are so many victories in Jesus! Praying for your continued strength, courage, peace and safe and uneventful travel for Randy and Holden. Our God is such an awesome God! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Much Love,
Leslie said…
MAXIM JOSEPH KACIREK!!! Oh, what a beautiful name! Maxim means "the greatest" in Latin and Russian. Joesph means "God will increase" in Hebrew. (You probably knew this already but I just had to comment because I think that the meaning of a child's name is so important. The name "Joseph" holds a special place in our hearts since it was our first baby boy's name. We pray for Joseph and lift up his special name everyday to Jesus. God will increase. That is Maxim's testimony. God HAS increased so many things in his life and will CONTINUE to increase more and the GREATEST possibility and beyond! Maxim Joseph! What a perfect name! I am SO PROUD of you, Tina! And so VERY HAPPY for your family!!! I wish I could jet-set over there right now and love on you!!! Give you a big hug and offer my congratulations in person! I know there are still many days ahead but I am praying in earnest for you! Randy and Holden should be back home by now. I pray protection over you, that Jesus will give his angels charge over you day and night and that you will be given EXTRA strength to get through the task at hand. I plead the blood of Jesus over you and Maxim and everything that must take place so that you and Maxim can come home BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! Praying for no delays, no hiccups, no surprises along the way. Everything will run smoothly and faster than expected. Please let us know specifics of what you need covered in prayer and you will have it! Love you! You ARE a big girl! YOU ARE THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING!

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