Day Three: I am so LOVED!

Maxim has been talking about a cell phone constantly since we came. He dreamt of his own play cell phone. We took it to and all of the other little boys became very excited about it too, so we promised to bring more back for them all to play together with. Here is a photo of Maxim with one of his buddies excited about their new find!
Day three was also a special day because it marked the first day that Maxim came running into my arms and wanted me to rock him and cuddle him. I whispered I love you in Russian in his ears and we rocked for a long time. He loved playing with my hair and saying over and over, Mama, Mama. Once again he asked about when he could leave the institution and come home with us. He is getting anxious.

My heart gets bigger each day.... I have prayed for a way to convey the things we see and experience here. Pictures, video's just cannot convey. I love being here. I absolutely feel Jesus here. If God is the father to the fatherless, most certainly I am in my Father's house where they dwell. Purity, innocence, zest for life, hope all exist here. I thought I would have oh so much time on my hands to blog and write yet I find the day just flies by and when I fall to bed it is fast and hard. I want to end with this video of the first time Maxim came over and crawled into my arms to cuddle but Blogger is not accepting the upload so if you want to see it you will need to go to my FB page. I'm so thankful to have it recorded. Thank you for the love and prayers....we feel them.


Teacher Girl said…
Oh, this is an awesome post. I am so, so happy for all of you and so happy to read your words. They really resonate with me. Thank you for allowing me on your journey.

Jo's Corner said…
I saw the video and sobbed! I am so Thankful that Maxim has light in his eyes! HE is in that sweet little boy. How is Holden doing? I know it must be hard for him sometimes. But, life-changing, as well. You are all in my Prayers, for good health, emotional and physical. And, for bonding to continue. Also that the adoption process will go smoothly and that All of your family will be reunited again!! Love You Much! ~ Jo
Amanda.Clark said…
I'm loving these videos and updates!!! My heart jumps wanting to know if this friend in the pictures could be Nikita? He resembles him... but probably just really, really wishful thinking ... take care. Thinking about and praying for you guys!
heatherbrown said…
Oh, how beautiful this post is, I can just imagine how is heart is feeling now, and yours as well.
I pray that someday I can make it there, to see "my girl" if it is God's will, and that all the children can feel the love of thier God while they wait.

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