Day Ten: Getting Comfortable

Today we brought a little of this and that to try with Maxim and ended up coloring stickers and color sheets.

It wasn't long and he was asking for food again. Today we brought grapes and applesauce and enough juice for all of us to have our own box. When he eats he is first sweet to offer some to us but after that he huddles over his food like a little squirrel does and he plucks and slams those little suckers in his mouth.
He doesn't pay attention to anything going on or being said to him while food is around.

After seeing him gulp so many boxes the other days we decided to play a juice box game where we each took turns taking sips from our box, hoping he would catch on to slowing it down. It went pretty well, Mama, Holden, Papa and Maxim! He kept wanting to skip over Papa- that wait was so hard for him. When he drinks he doesn't breathe, he just sucks and sucks and sucks.... When he finished his he had to check all of our boxes to make sure that none was left.

The whole time I just kept thinking about our hunger and thirst for God. Our longing for Him. I prayed that over Maxim, that He would have a mighty hunger for Jesus.

We had many "joiners" today during our meeting. So many children longing for hugs and kisses. So many clingings to my legs and arms and clothes. It reinforced this message to my heart of being desperate for Christ. Randy and I prayed and blessed each child and told each of them that they were precious gifts. They didn't know what we were saying but I loved it when they tried repeating it. I love to see hope.

Today we took mirrors to many of the children. We planned originally to give to the younger children on their cribs and headboards but when the older orphans saw them they were so enamored and appreciative we realized these were meant for them too.
I handed Beautiful her mirror and some lip gloss. I wish I had a photo of that! She was so very excited. Oh Jesus, please find her a family.

So many children. Not one forgotten by our Father in heaven. Not one. It is his will to place the lonely in families and I am becoming more and more convinced it is not to bless the lonely as much as it is to bless the family.

In His grace and merciful love,


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