Day Five: Grapes and Fishes

Each day gets a little sweeter! He came running to me with a big welcoming smile today. He was ready to play.

We found a magnetic fishing set. I wasn't sure how Maxim would take to it and if it would hold his attention for long but we played the same thing for nearly an hour.

One of the things that amazes us about this little boy is that he is so concerned about being fair. Holden had been sitting back and pretty soon he called Holden's name and handed the toy to him. After a while he said, Mama and then later Papa. he wanted everyone to have the same fun he was having. He grips your heart I tell ya.

We took a break after a long time fishing and we surprised him with a tray of green grapes all for himself!

Watching him eat was so comforting for ME!

He had them down in no time but at one point he realized how fast he was pushing them in and stopped himself and then handed each of us our own cluster of grapes to join him.

Then to top it off we pulled out his first ever juice box! It was down in 10 seconds and we didn't even get a photo! LOL It wasn't too long that he stood up and rushed off and when i called his name he didn't stop. He took a crash hitting his face to the ground and then was up and ducked into one of the rooms. When I found him I realized he had to go to the bathroom. Perhaps these new treats for him brought with it some other gifts.

As soon as he was done he came out and went running down the hall back down to where we had been playing and once again BOOM he hit the floor. He really does need a walker and help walking so we will look into that RIGHT AWAY as Mama is about to have a heart attack! The palms/wrists of his hands have developed these large protruding knots from having fallen over and over. It appears he has learned different styles of falling and goes into a roll quite often but he's got a large scabbed over knot on the back of his head I would like to see go away. The one thing I have learned about Maxim is that he will not be held back.

He is such a trooper with saying goodbye each day. I know he is anxious for us to take him with us but he smiles big and waves and goes when he is called. I usually just find myself lost in stares at him...praying and dreaming of him for so many years. This time is here. It's come. God has been so faithful. All of my quiet desires, silent prayers, rolling tears, aching desires have resulted in me here.

My faith is greater than ever. It does not mean we are without trial, but I have seen the goodness of the Lord and his LOVE wrecks me. Such great beauty in the weak.


Teacher Girl said…
Oh, he is SUCH A GIFT!!

Marianne said…
Absolutely beautiful!! He seems so tenderhearted and such a sweet little boy. He's been waiting for you as anxiously as you have. I can't wait for gotcha day!!
Leslie said…
Yes, he is a trooper! Tough on the outside but tender on the inside. Sounds like a Kacirek to me! :)

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