Day Eight- The Sun Came Out!

Today was the first time the sun came out and decided to stay so we prepared to take Maxim out for a walk. When he came in the room today he just didn't seem himself...he was missing his famous smile. The caretaker for today said he had a rough morning but we aren't sure what that means.

We know that he was very active yesterday and was bee-bopping all around the place so maybe he expended all of his energy. He was still eager to go outside but walking was more labored and we shortened it a bit.

He likes the kitties almost as much as Mom!

As we rounded back toward the door to go in I saw the serious look in his face. Here it was:

I wish I could know all that was going through his mind. His strength amazes me.

Holden opens the door for us to go back inside...

He cheered back up when we got back inside and realized he didn't have to say goodbye to us just yet. We played a few more rounds of Maxim's Ball Game.

I videotaped music time today and have included it in the movie we made on our Facebook page. I love how he relaxes and his body comes to rest so fast. That is something that took years for Grace. What a blessing. After awhile his eyes started rolling and the yawns came on...we almost had him to sleep until his caretaker came in to take him to lunch. He went better today...

I imagined I would be blogging constantly about the downloads from God...but I feel rendered in an awe state most of the time. There is much I am writing and soaking on in prayer with lots of quiet tears of hope. Watching Randy and Holden be touched moves me as well. Randy has been given an amazing gift of love to reach the brokenhearted and I see it when he is with Maxim. Holden's willingness to be gentle and softer when its needed, and to recognize when it's needed is also beautiful.

Love wins. It just does. There are times it hurts to be weak. It hurts to do the right thing. It sometimes even hurts to do what God call you to, but you are always blessed and you always have the victory in His love. If God has called you to something that feels like the impossible, that will make you a fool for him, trust me, He is setting you up for something GREAT! Our sufferings are temporary but His mercies endure forever!!!


Waitingonmyua2 said…
Amen, dear sister. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us. You are such a blessing to me. And you always seem to utter words God wants me to hear - just when I need to hear them. Much love, Beth T. in KS
Milena said…
I too wonder what goes through his mind, what sorrows he faces when you are not there. Soon though, he'll learn English too, and he'll be able to tell you - and then you'll get to comfort him. He seems to be such an adorable child.
Thanks for the updates Tina. I think others would agree we are falling in love with your little guy thru your blog :)
Leslie said…
I am SO GLAD that Maxim and Randy are bonding. That is really important and vital for a healthy family dynamic. Maxim needs love from his Mama and Papa so it is a wonderful thing to see that his heart is open to connect with both of you. Holden is such an incredible kid. He needs to be duplicated!!! LOL Got to love Holden. What a blessing he is! Thank you for the encouraging words you posted at the end. Such timely words of wisdom. Thank you for your love and encouragement even from so far away. So wish I could talk to you face-to-face, my friend. Or at least through Facebook! :)

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