Has Haiti caused you to think about adoption?

If you have felt your heart being led to adopt because of this tragedy in Haiti, you may want to consider presenting before God to see if His call is for you to adopt a child- period. Perhaps this situation is being used to bring you to a place of consideration. If you feel led to adopt a child from Haiti because you want to save a child, there are many ministries and organizations in Haiti that are working on the orphans behalf, and you may want to see about partnering with them in some way. Heartline Ministries is one.

I have been more encouraged in this last week to see the body of Christ rise up for the orphan and now I pray it doesn't stop in the days to come when there is gradually less and less media coverage and discussion on Haiti. God bless all of you who behind the scenes are interceding and advocating for the orphan. I will never be the same after hearing an orphan kept in an institution where he would not be able to be adopted say to me- Will you remember me? Will you come back? These are words that whisper in my ear again and again.

If you have a passion for the orphan but you know you are not supposed to adopt, would you please consider sowing into our Grace Haven adoption grant fund so we can help a child be placed in a home filled with God's love? Those words whispered in my ear that day were not just for me- they were meant to be shared with the world. These children pray for a family and we want to be an answer to that prayer. We want to say confidently- YES- we will remember you and YES- we will come back for you! WE LOVE YOU!

I will not leave you as orphans- I will come to you!


Tabbitha said…
I am so glad you guys are who you are :) So glad you are in our region, too. We are blessed to have you as a voice, a heart and a home for the orphan.

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