Something New

Welcome to our family blog! This is a new venture for sure, keeping up with our happenings like this. I'm hoping I'll fit this in our daily routine somehow anyway.

Right now we are in the middle of adopting Dolly. This is our second adoption. She is nearing 2 and a half and we are hoping to have her home mid-to fall 2010. We are nearly half way through our fundraising which is a huge praise the Lord. Sweet Dolly (her cyber name) has spina bifida and hydrocephalus so we are busying ourselves in this time getting as much knowledge as possible so we can be ready to go with a medical and therapy plan when she arrives.

If adoption is on your heart but you've been scared about costs- let me tell you, I have watched so many families start with $0 in the adoption fund! The Lord's plan prevails so don't put limits by staring at that mountain ahead of you....He will make a way.


Leslie said…
Congratulations on starting a blog! I am so excited to read all of the wonderful things you post. Love you!


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